San Diego SEO Low Risk Ideas


Google seems to be penalizing web sites for all kinds of things these days.

If you want to get your San Diego web site ranked well in the search engines, what are some low risk, high reward, things you can do?

I discuss that is this video. I also answer some questions at the end. If your questions are not answered, feel free to leave a  comment with your questions.

[1:14]  Buy clicks with Pay Per Click Traffic

[2:23]  Low risk ways to get high natural search engine rankings

[3:18]  YouTube Channel

[3:39]  Switch your site to a WordPress site

[3:56]  Make your own widgets

[4:18]  Make sure your site is Mobile Friendly

[4:53]  How to use Google alerts

[5:42]  Fix your Meta Tags


Q & A:

[7:15]  WordPress question

[7:56]  Fresh blog content and proper use of keywords

[8:36]  Content for your blog or web site

[9:06]  WordPress shopping carts

[9:18]  Outsourcing writing

[9:32]  Google Adwords Question

[10:29]  Where to find images

[11:06]  Landing Pages


So you want to get some good search engine rankings and targeted traffic for your San Diego website?

You’re not alone. So do your competitors.

Is it worth the bother? Should you put in the time, effort, and money required to get good search engine rankings?

That all depends on your situation. It depends on things like your budget, your marketing skills, and how competitive your market is.

The Internet can be a relatively inexpensive advertising medium if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hire an expert.

I’ve written a post on things to watch out for so you don’t get burned if you are thinking about hiring an Internet marketing expert. You can find that article here:

I’ve been an Internet marketing consultant for over 12 years and helped some companies make millions of dollars. For at least several years now the best strategy to get high search engine rankings has been to have a steady long-term linking campaign.

This means you implement some kind of strategy that gets other websites to link to your website on an ongoing basis.

It can still be very beneficial to get links to your site, but now you have to be much more careful how you go about it.

Google used to be okay with trading links with other sites. Now they frown upon it and it should be done in moderation, if at all.

Google used to be okay with you writing a bunch of articles and placing them in respected article directories. Now it doesn’t impress them much because so many people have abused this way of getting links.

So what can you do these days to get more links to your site and increase your rankings and traffic?

Instead of doing the latest technique to trick or fool Google into thinking you have a great site that people really love because they’re linking to it, just make a very valuable site that people really will love.

Try to make a site that is an authority in your market. Google loves this.

Try to stop thinking of your site as a sales brochure (you can still have some sales copy on it of course), and start thinking of your site as a valuable resource for your potential customers.

Mortgage banking sites like to put mortgage calculators on their websites. This is the kind of thing Google likes.

Can you think of some cool gadget you could place on your website?

If you decide to place some good high quality information on your site, be sure to place it in your WordPress blog. Google prefers that these days.

Perhaps you can make some valuable videos and place them in a YouTube channel.

You can also embed some of these videos on your website.

Perhaps you have a list of customers and you could e-mail them asking them for ideas of what valuable resources they would like to have on your website?

I think you’re starting to get the idea. With 98% of your competitors online doing little more than trying to sell stuff on their website, you could dominate the online market if you decide to truly make your website a valuable resource for web site visitors.

This is a much safer long-term strategy than trying to trick or fool Google with the latest search engine technique. I predict if you do this technique (make your web site an authority or valuable resource in your market) right, you can be on top of the Google search engine rankings for at least five years.

Now isn’t that worth a little extra effort?

I’ve seen high search engine rankings make or break a business.

I think it’s worth the effort to do things right.




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