San Diego Social Media WebSite Traffic: Should You Start Blogging?

by Rob Cross on December 29, 2012


So you want more traffic to your website, but you are avoiding social media.  Right now, social media may seem like a deep hole you don’t necessarily want to step into.

What if you step into it and it becomes a suck hole for your time?

What if it doesn’t lead to any real profitable leads?

Maybe you’re already too busy with your current job and you don’t have any time or desire to start blogging.

These are all valid concerns about social media. The problem is, social media is not going away. It’s been around for years now and it just keeps becoming more and more mainstream.

Google now has stated that they are basing more and more of their search engine rankings on people’s social media presence and signals.

Gone are the days where you can manipulate the search engines behind the scenes. Google is cracking down hard on tricksters and game players when it comes to organic or natural Internet search engine rankings.

Social media is now a very valid way to get your website ranked well in the natural or organic  search engines.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by social media and you don’t even know where to begin.

Another valid concern.

How I would recommend getting started with social media, if you haven’t already, is to put a WordPress blog on your website.

It does not have to be on your homepage, it can be on one of the back pages of your website.

Make sure the WordPress blog is hosted on your server and not on WordPress’ server. So the blog is going to be hosted in the same ISP account as your website.

You can get someone else to set it up for you.

Then do your best to write several posts to populate your blog. If you don’t have time for writing, you can have someone interview you about the most frequently asked questions in your industry and have someone else transcribe it for you.

Here is a free keyword research tool from Google that you can use:


You can use it to research the most popular keyword phrases in your market.

You can then use some of these phrases in your blog titles. Google sometimes likes to rank blog posts on Google’s front page based on the blog titles.

You can then go online from one to three hours a week and see what’s going on in your market segment in other blogs and join in the discussion.

You can use another free service from Google called “Google Alerts”. Google Alerts will let you know when people are blogging about or discussing topics related to your market.

This way you can quickly join in  some discussions and leave some comments or feedback. When you do this, you generally get a link back to your website from your blog post. These comment links help give your website better social signals and help your search engine rankings.

Higher search engine rankings usually lead to more traffic and more profits.

If you’re too busy do the blogging yourself, perhaps you could have someone else do it on behalf of your company.

Ignoring social media and hoping it will go away is a little like ignoring the Internet and hoping it will go away.

Just take one step at a time my friend. I recommend your first step be to get a WordPress blog on your site.

Rob Cross
Chief Strategist
San Diego, CA




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