Google Adwords: Should You Buy Traffic For Your Website?

by Rob Cross on January 3, 2013


Should you be buy traffic for your website?

That is a good question.

Although I would not recommend buying any links for your site (Google frowns on this), there are some very legitimate resources out there where you can buy traffic for your site.

Google Adwords is the quickest and easiest way to start getting traffic to your website.

In case you don’t know what Google Adwords is, it’s a program Google runs where you can bid on certain keywords and if you bid high enough; Google will display ads for your keywords to your perspective customers online.

You’ve probably seen the ads on top of Google when you do keyword searches. Ads show up at the top of the page and on the right. These are Google Adwords ads.

It’s not difficult to bid on your favorite keywords with Google Adwords. You can open up an account fairly easily with Google and start bidding on your favorite keywords. It is generally a good idea to try to stay in the top three bids for your keywords if you want to be seen online. Be sure to set a daily spending budget so you don’t get any big surprises on your bill.

In Google Adwords you only actually pay for the clicks that go through to your website. So you don’t have to pay when your ad displays, you just pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website. That’s why it’s called pay per click.

Google Adwords can range from very simple, to very complex. I’ve been on the phone over 100 times with Google customer service representatives asking them about the finer details of the Google Adwords program. You can get all kinds of interesting information from them depending on which Google representative you end up talking to and their experience level.

For one client of mine, I set up a Google Adwords program of nearly 13,000 keywords. I have also monitored and adjusted the bids on that campaign for over six years.

For some websites you can set up conversion tracking within the Google Adwords interface. This means that you can see which keywords are getting you sales or causing forms to be filled out by visitors on your website. This makes it much easier for you to monitor your spending and see what is producing results or sales for you and what is not.

Google Adwords can also be easily connected to your Google analytics account. Google analytics is the free analytics program that Google offers to help you monitor your website traffic. It gives you lots of interesting stats about your website visitors.

Microsoft  AdCenter (also called Bing), has a similar advertising program that runs on and Google currently makes up about 60% of the search engine traffic online whereas Yahoo and Bing combined make up about 30% of the traffic online.

Google Adwords tends to be a better source of traffic and I start there if a customer wants more traffic to their site.

Sometimes the Google Adwords traffic can be turned off to save money after the natural or organic rankings begin to appear for your website.

I remember when an online law school hired me to get them more traffic to their website. They were spending about $9,000 a month on pay per click fees for pay per click traffic with Google Adwords. After a while, I got them ranked in the top three spots for their favorite keyword phrases on the organic or natural rankings with Google. After that, they were able to reduce their pay per click spending on Google Adwords to around $500 a month.

Google Adwords traffic can be a great way to get an initial rush of traffic to your website while you’re waiting for your natural or organic rankings to increase. If you are getting good conversion numbers and your pay per click traffic is profitable, you may never want to shut it off.

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