San Diego SEO Ideas For Your Web Site That Are Low Risk

by Rob Cross on October 16, 2013

San Diego SEO Low Risk Ideas


Google seems to be penalizing web sites for all kinds of things these days.

If you want to get your San Diego web site ranked well in the search engines, what are some low risk, high reward, things you can do?

I discuss that is this video. I also answer some questions at the end. If your questions are not answered, feel free to leave a  comment with your questions.

[1:14]  Buy clicks with Pay Per Click Traffic

[2:23]  Low risk ways to get high natural search engine rankings

[3:18]  YouTube Channel

[3:39]  Switch your site to a WordPress site

[3:56]  Make your own widgets

[4:18]  Make sure your site is Mobile Friendly

[4:53]  How to use Google alerts

[5:42]  Fix your Meta Tags


Q & A:

[7:15]  WordPress question

[7:56]  Fresh blog content and proper use of keywords

[8:36]  Content for your blog or web site

[9:06]  WordPress shopping carts

[9:18]  Outsourcing writing

[9:32]  Google Adwords Question

[10:29]  Where to find images

[11:06]  Landing Pages

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