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What Tools And Resources Should You Use?

Recommended Resources:

Through the years there are certain resources, utilities or programs that I have come across that I now would not want to live without. Here are some of my favorite resources:

Quality Resources For Information:

  1. "Insider Secrets: Selling High Priced Goods and Services Online". This e-book is a collection of the experience and secrets I have learned from over 14 years of helping corporations find affluent clients in billion dollar markets. It contains info others have paid thousands for. It is delivered immediately through digital delivery and comes with a money back guarantee. Some people think I'm crazy for giving away this info at such a low price.

  2. "Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter" by Michael Campbell. This newsletter comes out about every months or so and is a nice source of information from an smart internet marketer who will give you lots of good information.

Web Marketing Advice/Consulting Over The Phone:

    Right now I'm running a special on phone consulting. It's usually $150 an hour, but I'm currently offering it at $50 an hour. I don't know how long these prices will last.

    My phone number is: 619-248-8351. My email is

    If you are looking for some free advice from an internet marketing coach, you can subscribe to Greg Writer's newsletter at He is an Internet Marketing Coach.

Affluent Customers:

If you want you want home mailing lists of affluent prospects or reports of surveys and behaviors of affluent prospects you can go to

Of course I would also recommend you get a copy of my ebook "Insider Secrets: Finding Affluent Clients Online". It comes with a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't make you a lot of money.

Web Hosting:

  1. I personally like to host my web sites. They have a nice deal where you pay normal price for the first web site and the rest of your web sites are $1 dollar a month to host with These $1 sites also have their own IP address.

    Pair takes a little bit of work to set up the first site until you figure out what they want from you, but after that it's not very difficult.

  2. If you're not very technical and you want to have a human voice for tech support then I would recommend Verio . I believe they are the number one Internet host provider in the nation and they come recommended from many respected sources.

Web Design Help:

If you're looking for an inexpensive web designer feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

I can build you a site that not only looks professional, but gets a lot of targeted traffic and has great sales copy that turns visitors into paying customers and puts cash in your pocket.

Here are some links to sites I have created:

My phone number is: 619-248-8351. My email is

E-Commerce Shopping Cart:

For a shopping cart I highly recommend They really built in almost everything you need to help you market on the Internet. has a built-in affiliate program, coupons, sales tracking, auto-responders and emailing tools to reach different mailing groups.

They have all kinds of features to help you sell your e-book/newsletter subscription online. For instance, it will keep track when someone's subscription is about to run out and notify them to renewal. With a nightmare that would be to keep track of on your own.

This shopping cart really saves you a lot of headaches and work.

FTP uploading to your Web host:

I used to really hassle with uploading files to my Web host until I got FileZilla.

It makes everything so simple for you. The job has become effortless. I would highly recommend it.

Shortcut And Form Filler Tool:

A tool that I don't want to live without now is the Perfect lite Keyboard Tool. This handy little program gives me all kinds of convenient shortcuts for filling in forms.

I simply type ".a" to fill in my address in a form. I'm always having to log into various search engines. I have these logins programmed into perfect keyboard lite so that all I have to do is hit a couple of keystrokes and I'm in. I used to have to log in multiple times a day and type everything out and I’m really glad I don't have to do that anymore.

If I ever sign my name to something, I just hit a couple of pre-programmed keystrokes and it fills in all my contact information for me.

If you want to make your life easier, I highly recommend you get this inexpensive tool.


I would recommend anyone who is serious about making money from the Internet have a copy of "Tested Advertising Methods" by John Caples in their library.

He spent 40 years testing and recording what works and doesn't work in sales copy. No need to reinvent the wheel here. He's done a lot of the legwork for us.

If you're looking for the copywriter to hire, you can contact me (Rob Cross). I will use proven techniques to create some sizzling sales copy that has people reaching for their wallets, desperate to give you money.

My phone number is: 619-248-8351. My email is

Linking Help:

PR resources:

Marcia Yudkin has a great web site to teach you all about PR ( She has a great book that I highly recommend "Six Steps to Free Publicity - and Dozens of Other Ways to Win Free Publicity for You or Your Business, second edition". It retails for only $14.95. It is much better than a PR book I bought for $100.


If you want an easy to use professional looking survey tool I would recommend ( They have a free version that allows you to send up to 10 questions, and the professional version is only $19.95 a month and allows you unlimited surveys and other special features. This tool works online, so you can gather information over the Internet from people.


Online / Off-site Backup Service:


If your are looking for an easy way to contact people multiple times then Aweber is your ticket. They will automatically send out 7 e-mail messages (you have written) over time, to people that you want to solicit to or contact.

This is great because, you don't have to keep track of when somebody signed up or bought from you. automatically sends out the same timed series of messages to someone no matter when they signed up.

Business Coach:

If you're looking for your own personal professional business coach, I would recommend John Wheeler. He can coach over the phone to anywhere in the U.S. Phone: 866-26-coach.

Voice Recognition Software:

If you want to give your hands and wrists a break, a recommend Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice dictation software. Anytime I have to write more than a couple of sentences, I turn it on and start dictating by voice. It works very well and saves me a lot of wear and tear on the wrists.

I highly recommend it if you have any kind of hand or wrist pain or you want to keep yourself from having it in the future.

* In the interest of full disclosure, the owner of this web site may receive a comission if you click on any of the products above and make a purchase.


If you have any questions or would like a free consultation contact us today. There is no charge for the call.

Best Regards,

Rob Cross
Chief Strategist
Cell Phone: 619.248.8351