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"Get Help With Your Web Site That Gets You High Paying Customers."

- Rob Cross: Chief Strategist at, Orange County and San Diego, CA

- Author of the book: "Insider Secrets: How to Find Affluent Clients Online"


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Hello Friend,
If you already have a site and are looking for more targeted leads, you are in the right place. We specialize in getting companies like you high search engine rankings and improving your bottom line. We are here to serve you.

If you are thinking of having a web site made, think before you leap. Many people pay good money to have a "web site" made and end up with a useless bulletin that nobody reads. The smart business person will find someone to build their site who knows how to get targeted traffic to the site and knows how to convert those visitors into paying customers.

"We used other internet marketing companies to get more traffic and were unsuccessful, but using our profits have been more than expected."

- Joe Mandelson: Owner of Tubeco, San Diego, CA

Joe Mandelson, President of Tubeco, decided to try using to boost his company's internet exposure. He quickly found his company ranked number one in a major search engine for his most important keywords and his phone began ringing off the hook. It is a matter of public record that his company sold between $20 and $50 million dollars worth of product during the year. Mr. Mandelson informed us that he has retired.

Picture of people pointing to computerDo you want an ordinary web site or a cash machine that puts money in your pocket?

If you're not going to get a site made that converts real people with real money into customers, why go to the effort and expense?

Many Web design companies will tell you that they do search engine marketing or search engine placement. In reality it's usually not their specialty and many of them don't have a clue how to actually get paying customers to your web site (let alone convert the sale).

Get Proven Results Not a Pretty Brochure

We do know how to get you ranked in the search engines.

Why? Because we have gone to the trouble to figure out how to actually get targeted traffic a web site. This is what we do for you and your web site.

Here's proof that we know how to get our and our clients sites ranked on Google. (our sister site) rankings on Google as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
affluent clients 1 4,320,000

Taft University System ( rankings as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
online law school 3 Google 853,000,000
online law degree 2 Google 120,000,000
online juris doctor degree 1 Google 1,070,000
online jd degree 2 Google 40,300,000
nationally accredited distance learning law school 1 Google 121,000
distance learning law school 2 Google 3,290,000
nationally accredited online law school 3 Google 284,000

California Music Studios ( rankings on Google and Yahoo as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
music lessons in san diego 1 Google 2,600,000
guitar lessons in san diego 2 Google 832,000
music lessons orange county 2 and 3 Google 1,580,000
orange county music lessons 2 Google 1,580,000
san diego violin lessons 2 Google 1,240,000
music lessons san diego 3 Google 7,150,000
orange county singing lessons 3 Google 1,210,000
orange county voice lessons 3 Google 320,000
san diego music lessons 3 Google 2,610,000
san diego piano lessons 3 Google 683,000
music lessons san diego 3 Google 7,150,000

JETTERS NorthWest ( rankings on Google as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
seattle jetter 1,2 and 3 Google 1,330,000
washington jetters 1 and 5 Google 7,290,000 sites

Alan Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc. ( rankings as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
beverly hills sell life insurance policy 1 Google 2,220,000
laguna beach life insurance agent 1 Google 927,000
hollywood hills senior life settlement 1 Google 2,680,000 results

It is also important to note that a web site should be built search engine friendly from the ground up. Many design firms unintentionally build web sites that will not rank very well in the search engines because they use frames or flash or some other technique that the search engines don't like.

If a Web design company says they do search engine optimization "also", be sure to ask them to backup what they are saying. Ask them to show you results like we just showed you.

We have been around the Internet marketing world long enough to know that the most common words you hear from someone who has a web site built are the words "Where's the traffic?" Then they go on the long painful journey of trying to figure out just where to get the traffic.

Make Sure Your Site Converts Lookers Into Buyers

Picture of men and woman at computer
Another sober realization is that strong sales copy (not pretty artwork) is one of the most important facets of Internet marketing. Your site should be built to convert lookers into buyers.

Your site should have a strong headline that captures your visitors' attention. If you walk by a newspaper, you don't automatically start reading it. You scan the headlines to see if a headline interests you, and if it doesn't, you move on.

Your web site is no different. It has to capture someone's interest quickly, keep them interested, and convince them to buy something now or contact you.

The top Internet marketing people in the world will tell you that having strong sales copy that compels people to buy or contact you, is the most important thing you can have on a web site. We encourage you to be less concerned about how pretty your web site is, and become more concerned about whether or not it is going to put cash in your pocket by converting visitors into customers.

We are very familiar with the direct marketing sales copy techniques that have been working in the non-internet world for decades. These are proven techniques that work.

Not only will we make you a clean professional looking web site, but we will do the work to be sure you get strong rankings in the search engines for your keywords. We will also make sure your site "sells well". It will be your star salesman converting lookers into buyers for you, even if you are sleeping.

Don't Get Burned - Get Results

Picture of happy business people celebratingSo don't get sucked into the same sad waste of money that many people fall prey to. They get a web site, and (if they are lucky) three years later, they finally find the right person who can actually help them make money from the site.

Let us save you years of painful trial and error and learning from mistakes. Our specialty is creating a cash machine web site that makes you money, and then we actually drive the targeted traffic to the web site for you.

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Why not call us today for a no obligation free consultation to see if we can help you improve your bottom line and your revenues.

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